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  • 1 Hour of one to one training
  • Analysis of technique
  • Swim efficiency feedback
  • Personalised drills
  • Video analysis with homework
  • Personalised swim plan moving forwards


Our 1-2-1 swim analysis includes use of a private 25m lane. You will receive a full hour of 1-2-1 coaching that focuses on analysing your current stroke, highlight and spotting errors in your swimming technique and then correcting and improving your swim efficiency. Technique is a key part of improving your swim speed so avoid practising bad habits time and time again by allowing us to put you back on track.

Customer testimonials

A great learning experience

I can thoroughly recommend the 1-2-1 swim coaching, the video analysis was fascinating as you never see yourself swimming from this angle, and backed up by knowledgeable feedback and good tuition on where to alter your technique from the qualified coach, a great learning experience and one I will certainly be repeating!

Ian, Kidderminster

Fulfilled my expectation and then some

I had a 1-2-1 swim analysis recently with Tri Energy. I was impressed at how thorough this was, filming my stroke above water and underwater from 4 angles in a dedicated swim lane. There was time go through the footage together straight away, and the coach identified the areas of my stroke that I could work on for the greatest benefit and came up with a series of drills to address these areas. It was useful to be able to try out drills there and then to make sure I was doing them correctly. Her immediate feedback and different ways of explaining things were excellent. The coach followed up our session with an e-mail containing details of the drills and had put together a couple of bespoke training sessions showing how I could continue working on these areas. This was an extremely useful session and I would definitely recommend it to others. At first I thought it was an expensive luxury, but having now done the session I can see what good value for money it is. It fulfilled my expectation and then some. I’m already saving up for a second session where I hope to see improvements after the hard work!

Alex, Worcester

Confidence & Technique Improved!

In the  swim coaching sessions I have had so far with Sam, my confidence and technique have hugely improved, beyond recognition from the start point. Sam has a wide range of techniques to support you, to enable you to feel safe and to help you learn. I have now booked my first triathlon and am working on improving my style and time by race day. Sam’s coaching is invaluable in steadily building on my progress, keeping me focused and reminding me to believe in myself.

Jan, Kidderminster

Worth every penny!!!

Dan, Coventry

Sam’s knowledge is second to none

I first met Sam when I joined a group triathlon swim squad session. Her sessions are always fun, varied, informative as well as making you work hard. As the weeks went by I saw some great improvements in both my technique and fitness, however I knew that my all round stroke was not very efficient and I didn’t want to keep practicing my bad habits when I was training on my own. It was at this time I asked Sam for help and she recommended having a 1-2-1 video analysis session with her.

Having a 1-2-1 swim analysis with Sam was the best thing I could have done. Sam filmed my stroke from all different angles and then instantly was able to show me what I was doing. Previously she had told me on more than one occasion that I was bringing my arms across the front of my body on each stroke, but in my mind I had wide arms and I was doing what she had been  telling me to do. Within seconds of her showing me the video I could clearly see that I’d obviously been ignoring her good advice! To actually see your own stroke is an eye opener to say the least, but you still need someone with the skills to help you correct it and this is where Sam’s expertise shines through. The videos enabled Sam to dissect every aspect of my stroke and then provide drills for me to follow to help refine them. Her knowledge is second to none and she has the perfect way of explaining things so that you understand both the reasons and methods behind what she is asking you to do, whilst not overwhelming you with information at the same time. Since having my swim analysis I am so much more efficient in the water and my times are getting faster and faster.

I can’t thank Sam enough for what she has done and whatever level you are I’d highly recommend you see her for a 1-2-1 swim session as you are only going to see improvements.

Phil, Droitwich

Had an immediate effect

The 1:1 swim analysis with Tri Energy was incredibly useful. To see videos of your swim stroke certainly highlights where you can improve. The drills completed in the session had an immediate effect and the homework you go away with certainly makes the session worth the investment.

Carole, Kidderminster

Giving me the confidence to get back in the water!

Thank you Sam for giving me the confidence to get back in the water! I thought at 60 years old it was probably too late to get over my nerves but thanks to your kindness, knowledge and experience I have now ventured back into the pool and can even swim under water for the first time in many years. I will recommend your services without hesitation! Thank you so much!

Sue, Kidderminster

Wanted to say a very big thank you

I just wanted to say a very big thank you for our 1-2-1 swimming sessions. The improvement that I have made over the past 6 months is down to you motivation, experience and patience with someone that is not a natural in the water. Thanks to your expert coaching I am now looking to break 6 minutes for 400m as well as compete in an Ironman 3.8km open water swim – neither of which was possible before our sessions! I wholeheartedly recommend your professionalism, knowledge and passion for swimming, without which I would still be battling to complete a few lengths! Thank you!

Tom, Alveley

Love my new swim drills

Thank you so much Sam for another brilliant swim session.  I always come away with increased confidence. I love the way you break the swimming technique down into smaller chunks that all fit together.  I love my new swim drills, they are fun to do and I can really feel the difference already

Jo, Hartlebury

Thanks for your support

I feel like these sessions have really helped me make a step change in swimming and I’m really pleased with it so thanks for your support

Mark, Kidderminster

I cannot recommend her enough!

I wish I met Sam years ago. At the age of 38 I could barely swim a length and certainly couldn’t put my face in the water, I thought I was a lost cause! Now a few months later I am swimming up to 2500 meters with my face in the water and competing in official swimming events! Sam has a very calm and encouraging nature and makes you feel so at ease. I have gone from fearing water to thoroughly enjoying swimming – I am now even tackling open water under Sam’s watchful eye, Her knowledge and experience in invaluable – I cannot recommend her enough!

Katrina, Kidderminster


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