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My promise to you is inspiring, empowering coaching to make you the athlete that you truly want to be! Whether that’s to get stronger or faster, or to enjoy training more around the rest of your lifestyle, or to find more balance with your training or navigate through new challenges…. then I can help! I take great pride in the fantastic coaching service that I offer, where every athlete truly matters (read my testimonials if you’re unsure!)

Working with a passionate coach can allow you to reach performance levels that you never thought possible. I can make you accountable for your training, help you through the times when the going gets tough, and help you to keep progressing! I plan structured, detailed session plans that carefully progress and adjust as you improve. Your sessions will be uploaded onto the coaching platform ‘Training Peaks’ which allows 2-way feedback, constant contact and enables me to review and assess each of your sessions.

Working with an experienced coach allows you to focus your efforts on the actual sessions and lets me take care of the background planning and analysis. I will motivate you, encourage you and keep you on track to achieve whatever goal it is you’d like to achieve.

Please feel free to call me for a free chat with no obligations so that I can see if we’re the right fit to work together in your triathlon journey.




  • British Triathlon Coach of the Year
  • West Midlands Triathlon Coach of the Year
  • Wyre Forest Coach of the Year
  • British Triathlon Coach Level 3
  • Training Peaks Coach Level 2
  • 1st Class Honours Degree in Sport & Exercise Science
  • Accepted onto the BTF Female coaching mentorship programme for lead female coaches (2021)


  • European Age Group Champion
  • British Age Group Champion
  • European Age Group Runner Up at Duathlon
  • European Age Group Medallist at Aquathlon
  • Raced on the Elite Super Series Circuit
  • National Olympic Distance Runner Up
  • Podium at over 60 multisport events


  • Mum to two energetic young children
  • Proud founder of Tri Energy
  • Fitness lover
  • Avid reader
  • Former primary school teacher
  • Love a game of scrabble!



This is perfect for the competitive athlete really wanting to unleash their potential!

Initial consultation

Premium account on Training Peaks

Constant and Regular Feedback from Coach

Quick turnaround on changes to training plan

Direct contact to coach by Telegram, email or Training Peaks when needed

In depth support in mapping out the racing season, goal setting and race strategies

Ongoing reviews and goal setting with Coach

Additional monthly in-depth check in and review with Coach via Zoom or face-to-face

Baseline measures and testing

Periodised triathlon strength and conditioning plan

Access to live and recorded Zoom Sessions

Access to to coach and expert led continued education series – live and recorded

Part of our 1-2-1 coached athlete mailing list

15% off services at The Tri Energy Training Hub

50% off additional zoom or face to face reviews / consultations

£150 per month


This is the perfect package for anyone wanting to take the next step with their training and begin working with a dedicated Triathlon Coach

Initial consultation

Basic account on Training Peaks

Weekly Feedback from Coach

Weekly turnaround on changes to training plan

Direct contact to coach by email or Training Peaks

Support in mapping out the racing season, goal setting and race strategies

Baseline measures and testing

Access to live and recorded Zoom Sessions

Access to to coach and expert led continued education series – live and recorded

Part of our 1-2-1 coached athlete mailing list

10% off services at The Tri Energy Training Hub

30% off additional zoom or face to face reviews / consultations

£80 per month


This is the perfect package for the runners out there! We cater for the runner of every ability with our carefully devised sessions and plans.

Initial consultation

Basic account on Training Peaks

Weekly Feedback from Coach

Weekly turnaround on changes to training plan

Support in mapping out the racing season, goal setting and race strategies

Baseline measures and testing

Access to to coach and expert led continued education series – live and recorded

Part of our 1-2-1 coached athlete mailing list

10% off services at The Tri Energy Training Hub

30% off additional zoom or face to face reviews / consultations

£55 per month

Trust our potential to help you reach yours! Don’t just take our word for it….

Great Tips and Advice

Transitioning to a new sport seemed really daunting but from the first meeting with Tri Energy, I was immediately put at ease. Their advise and coaching has helped me believe in my abilities in triathlon and their experience as triathletes really comes through with great tips and advice. This isn’t to mention their great attitude, they are truly inspirational and I’m looking forward to working with them as I continue in triathlon

Becky, Worcester

Sam has been amazingly supportive

I have had a vague idea that I would try triathlon for a few years. I’m a keen marathon runner and had taken swimming lessons a couple of years ago to sort my breathing out but had never swam regularly or ventured out on a road bike.

I got injured at the start of 2020 and whilst this was a real blow to me , I knew I wouldn’t be able to do ‘nothing’ so started doing spin classes and water running as rehab. I then graduated to road biking and found I really enjoyed it.

I had seen Sam coaching at my Gym’s swimming pool and decided that as I loved running and had a new found liking of cycling, I would get in contact with her about adding swimming in, and finally change the triathlon ideas into reality.

From the very beginning Sam has been amazingly supportive. I hadn’t ridden in cleats or done any open water swimming and now regularly do both.

The training plans are structured and tough – every session has a purpose which I find massively motivating.

Sam feedbacks back regularly on my sessions and progress and is very approachable – you can literally ask her anything – no question is a stupid one!

The Tri Energy community is also very friendly and supportive and every ability is Welcomed with open arms. I’ve met loads of fantastic, like minded people and there is a real sense of emotional investment in Tri Energy which makes you want to be a part of it.

I’m in awe of Sam’s achievements and I trust her 100% to develop a plan that is right for me as an individual.

I feel like I’m getting stronger week by week and I’m looking forward to putting myself to the test in a race soon!

If you have thinking about getting a Tri coach, then you shouldn’t hesitate to contact Tri Energy. Relationships between a coach and an athlete are massively important and you will get a service which is second to none in the Tri Energy team.

Bernie, Worcester

Real coaching for real people

This is for those people who have thought about having a coach, but then dismissed it because they don’t think it is for “ordinary” people who are just doing their exercise thing. I have been coached by Sami for the last three months as part of the trisquad. My hope was that she would smooth my way to my first triathlon. What she has enabled me to do is so much more. I thought she would help me with bike and swim, but my running was in the doldrums as I had got slower rather than faster over the last year, But she has made me make the most of each time I got out the door – even the slow runs are for a reason. My own ability to run harder and faster is astounding me. I did hills this morning and I whooped their arse – three months ago, I walked when I saw a slope. The blue line is showing my fitness improvement (Ok at the beginning it had to do a catch up as I was new to the software), but week after week I am getting fitter, while not putting any more time in than the week before. If you have time on your hands at the moment. If you are feeling low because of the circumstances – a solution is available to you.

Viv, Stourport-on-Severn

My life was made so much easier when I met Sam

At the age of 50 I decided I would like a new challenge. I wanted to complete an open water 3km event. Although I had enjoyed swimming for many years I felt the need for some coaching and support to help me achieve my goal.  My life was made so much easier when I met Sam. Her professional encouragement, support, guidance and the ability to make changes so easily to my stroke were imperative to me reaching my goal.  Sam made the process so easy and the changes that she made were instructed in a clear manner.  Sam guided me through the whole process, and when I finally arrived in wetsuit at my first competition, I felt ready to achieve the goal that I had set myself.  Even throughout the swim, her instructions were clear in my head and I was able to enjoy the swim, raising over £350 for Target Ovarian Cancer. I can recommend Sami wholeheartedly whether you are a novice or triathlon competitor. The day I met sami changed the future of my swimming days. A big Thank You Sam!
Jayne, Chaddesley Corbett

Coaching has been so beneficial

Tri Energy has been my coach for 6 months now and in that period of time my fitness and focus has increased significantly, as the training plan has a provided a structure that is achievable but challenging. With the addition of 1-2-1 pool and open water swim sessions I have really seen the benefits of the plan, which together with the feedback provided adds additional incentive to keep going and to push that little bit harder. Tri Energy provide a weekly plan that is very structured and over a series of weeks includes build and rest phases. There are key test sessions that also provide feedback on the progress made within set periods of time so that the training is not just an endless series of random training sessions but a clear path to achieve set goals, whilst appreciating that life also includes work and family etc. It has also been really beneficial being part of the club with group sessions providing additional support and a friendly atmosphere with likeminded people.

Mat, Stourbridge

The perfect coach on my Ironman journey!

I’d put off approaching a coach for many years – I can work IT out with Google, I’m only an amateur, it’s too expensive and not worth the money have all passed my lips. Well, I’ve been working with sam at Tri Energy for a few months now and I can’t believe how wrong I was! Especially during a weird period of lockdown Sam has proven to be a great motivator and incredibly resourceful and adaptable. There is no way I would have maintained, let alone improved my fitness, during lockdown without her. She’s so lovely and supportive but also pushes me, the perfect combination I will need on my Ironman journey!

Andy, Halesowen

I have started to enjoy training again

I have been training and competing in triathlons for the last 3 years but had hit a brick wall. I contacted Tri Energy and with their help and encouragement, have definitely improved. I have started to enjoy training again; especially the swimming and running which were my weak points. Tri Energy’s help and encouragement has given me so much confidence, I couldn’t have done it without them!

Ian, Evesham

I wouldn’t be without my coach

I have been working with Sam since November last year she is my online coach and posts my workouts in training peaks every Sunday for the week ahead.  I wouldn’t be without Sam, I wouldn’t be where I am now without Sam! You can’t beat a coach and you really can’t beat a coach who tries their up most best for you who just wants the best for you! Everything is tailored to you, training peaks is a fantastic easy system and Sam puts everything in there which is super easy to understand and you can comment back and forth on how you thought that session went and how Sam thought you did!  Go for it you won’t regret it!!!!

Charlotte, Stafford

What more could you ask for

Sam took the time to understand my goals, to encourage me but to ensure that they were ambitious!! Using the on-line planning and tracking app is really useful for me to plan and for us both to monitor and review progress. Sam has the most enthusiastic and supportive approach to coaching possible; who else would have got me to do a competitive 10k cycle ride when I had only ridden a bike twice before?!! Nonetheless, Sam also recognizes that life happens and things don’t always go to plan. She just re-plans and re-directs. What more could you ask for?

Jacqui, Kidderminster

The best investment I’ve ever made

I am a qualified PT with a background in muscle building, and before that I competed in long distance swimming so I had some knowledge of training; but nothing like what Sam has been able to offer. Firstly, I have already learnt so much about what sort of kit I need for Triathlon, what is essential and what is a “nice to have”. Sam also sent me lots of recommendations because as a beginner, I felt overwhelmed with all the options for kit.

Secondly, she has really helped me to understand how to focus on the three different sports and how to train effectively for each. I was previously training at almost max effort every session and didn’t really understand how to build it up. Sam has got this all under control for me and plans out all of my sessions for me so I don’t have to worry about what I need to do. I love the fact she will only plan a few days ahead to start with until she gets to know you better as an athlete. I have had coaching in other areas before when I got a 12 week plan right at the start with very little interaction.

Thirdly, I had no idea how much I would benefit from her motivational energy and enthusiasm, I felt fairly motivated before starting but Sam brings a whole new level to it that turns it from being a goal on paper to an enjoyable experience every single day. She has really brought triathlon to life for me and made me feel excited to be a part of the community.

Fourthly, being a part of Tri-Energy has made me feel supported and like I am part of something bigger than myself which is fantastic. The group is full of wonderful people who are all happy to support and share positivity. I didn’t even think about this element before signing up but now I am so grateful.

I can not recommend Sam highly enough, this woman is amazing and will be the best investment you can make in your sporting journey.

Roxi, Bath

Sam’s knowledge is second to none

I first met Sam when I joined a group triathlon swim squad session. Her sessions are always fun, varied, informative as well as making you work hard. As the weeks went by I saw some great improvements in both my technique and fitness, however I knew that my all round stroke was not very efficient and I didn’t want to keep practicing my bad habits when I was training on my own. It was at this time I asked Sam for help and she recommended having a 1-2-1 video analysis session with her.

Having a 1-2-1 swim analysis with Sam was the best thing I could have done. Sam filmed my stroke from all different angles and then instantly was able to show me what I was doing. Previously she had told me on more than one occasion that I was bringing my arms across the front of my body on each stroke, but in my mind I had wide arms and I was doing what she had been  telling me to do. Within seconds of her showing me the video I could clearly see that I’d obviously been ignoring her good advice! To actually see your own stroke is an eye opener to say the least, but you still need someone with the skills to help you correct it and this is where Sam’s expertise shines through. The videos enabled Sam to dissect every aspect of my stroke and then provide drills for me to follow to help refine them. Her knowledge is second to none and she has the perfect way of explaining things so that you understand both the reasons and methods behind what she is asking you to do, whilst not overwhelming you with information at the same time. Since having my swim analysis I am so much more efficient in the water and my times are getting faster and faster.

I can’t thank Sam enough for what she has done and whatever level you are I’d highly recommend you see her for a 1-2-1 swim session as you are only going to see improvements.

Phil, Droitwich

“Nothing is ever too much trouble”

I have been working with Sam at Tri Energy for about 5 months now and the support I have received and progress I have made has been incredible. Nothing is ever too much trouble and Sam’s encouragement and training plan is second to none. The time and commitment I receive from Sam only spurs me on to want to do my best and I am positive it is that combination that has made me fall in love with triathlon and progress as much as I have in such a short amount of time.
It means a lot when you are as proud of your club and coach as you are with your own personal achievements.
Lucy, Stafford

1-2-1 coaching is amazing

I have been a triathlete for just over 2 years and I have took part in various events.  Until then I thought I was doing ok in those events but then I met Sam from Tri Energy as she was teaching a Swim Squad at my local gym so I thought I would have a go at one of her sessions and goodness she put me through my paces!  The ambition and knowledge you get from Sam is outstanding and she is with you on every step, pedal and stroke.  I have improved so much just by her knowledge, which she happily passes on to me. Sam and Tri Energy  have changed little things in my triathlon training but those little things are making a massive difference and that’s only after a few months in.  There is also a great community spirit within Tri Energy and I am proud to be part of it.   Since then I have  signed up to 1-2-1 coaching with Sam and I’m seeing my times coming down further and further and I am feeling my self getting stronger and fitter.  1-2-1 coaching is amazing, I have got a coach who has set up my plan to suit me and to develop me in the best way ready for my next event.

Finton, Worcester

Wanted to say a very big thank you

I just wanted to say a very big thank you for our 1-2-1 swimming sessions. The improvement that I have made over the past 6 months is down to you motivation, experience and patience with someone that is not a natural in the water. Thanks to your expert coaching I am now looking to break 6 minutes for 400m as well as compete in an Ironman 3.8km open water swim – neither of which was possible before our sessions! I wholeheartedly recommend your professionalism, knowledge and passion for swimming, without which I would still be battling to complete a few lengths! Thank you!

Tom, Alveley

Amazing support

Sorry for the Oscar acceptance speech coming up….but thank you SO much for how you’ve supported and encouraged me and for your awesome plan. I have never really felt so prepared for an event; it made me really calm at the start. During the race I didn’t doubt the race plan at all, even when I was hurting – in fact the hurting made me know I was working hard enough

Fran, Hereford

1-2-1 coaching has been invaluable

I’ve had 121 coaching with Tri Energy for over 18 months now. In 2019 I trained for IM 70.3 Stafford and my first full IM in Hamburg. My Tri Energy training plan was completely tailored to my goals and nothing phased the coaches, even when I decided to sneak in the LCW in Holland along the way! The volume of training was really hard but the support and encouragement kept me going and there was peripheral advice available on nutrition, hydration etc. I will always be a back-of the-pack athlete but 121 coaching has enabled me to achieve more than I ever thought possible.
In 2020, 121 coaching has been valuable in a completely different way. Lockdown has meant that all events have been cancelled, no swimming, no group exercise – but there are virtual events emerging and apps like Zwift that mean we can train in very different ways, plus Tri Energy’s own sessions on Zoom, such as swim cord training and strength and conditioning, plus the weekly team challenge, Trisolation via Facebook, all of which I can access for free as part of my coaching package. The versatility and innovation of the club has really impressed me at this time. Best of all is that as a 121 coached athlete, I have had weekly phone calls with my coach through this period, to tailor my plan to goals that are realistic in the current environment and this has really kept my motivation going. I can’t recommend Tri Energy highly enough and it’s 121 coaching in particular to anyone who has specific training goals.
Jan, Kidderminster

Sam made me stronger

After joining my local triathlon club with no experience (or even a bike) I needed someone to show me the ropes of how to race well and competitively. Not only has Tri Energy made me stronger but coached me to my first standard distance triathlon which I only went and won!! Thank you Tri Energy

Faye, Kidderminster

I finished over an hour faster than I expected!

After a successful year in triathlon in 2017 and completing my first middle distance Ironman. I set my mind on full distance Ironman, I knew this was going to be a bit more of a challenge so I thought it would be good idea to get some expert help.

Sam is a great coach, she has so much passion and drive she almost makes the training sound easy, but it’s not easy. Sam is always bubbly, fun and a joy to be around as well as train with. Don’t be fooled by her bubbly fun side, she knows her stuff and can be a hard task master.

After an initial consultation with Sam to discuss my plans and goals, Sam Set out to work on my plan. The plan was set out over a few months with varying training each day, always swimming, biking or running but different sets to stop it getting boring.  The plan was designed to build my base level of fitness and over a period of months, without pushing too hard to cause injury. Building the level of fitness was important for me, at the start it almost seems impossible to be able to complete and Ironman in one go. It can be easy to lose motivation if you only focus on the end game, rather than the day to day training that is building to the big day.

Using training Peaks Sam was able to check on my progress and fatigue levels to adjust my plan where required. This was a great platform for the training as I was able to monitor my results as well as Sam. I would comment on how I felt and Sam would motivate me to ensure i didn’t slack off. Having up to the minute data on my training and comments how I felt meant Sam could make fine adjustments to the plan where required.  The personal touch is also great with Sam, she is always free for a call to discuss the plan and help motivate when things were getting tough. Being part of the club also made training a little easier, meeting likeminded people and having people to train with who are on the same journey. There is always someone training and a little competition helps push that little harder.

And did the plan work, hell yes! It made the day seem almost easy, my swim and bike were very smooth, run was tough but I was expecting that and I still finished over an hour faster than expected. I can’t recommend Sam enough she is a great coach and motivator to help achieve your triathlon goals

Mark, Kidderminster



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