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Thank you so much to everyone who took part in our virtual 5km run series! Starting back on the 23rd March, it’s kept so many of you going for the last 13 weeks and we’re so impressed with your motivation, dedication to run and the excitement of the leaderboard changing each week! We’ve consolidated this...


I was meaning to write a blog post last week on mental health awareness week and the importance of exercise for mental well-being but I just didn’t have time last week. It was one of those week’s where I was rushing around, getting not a lot done and it made me chuckle how ironic that...


It’s the middle of April and triathletes around the globe are getting the itch to jump into a race, Tri Energy members included! With nearly every triathlon through to the end of June cancelled or rescheduled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it looks like it will be awhile before we can line up for a swim/bike/run affair. You'd think this would mean motivation was at an all time low and we'd be losing the will to train - well not in our TRISOLATION squad! We've already done a few virtual races but this weekend saw our first race across the whole weekend; through Friday to Sunday with a run - bike (or circuits challenge) - and another run.


With the open water swim venues now open in the UK, it’s a good time to start turning your lengths in the swimming pool into laps of the lake! Having ventured out with some friends for my first Open Water dip of the year last month (a frosty 11 degrees) the lakes now seem to have warmed up slightly to make it a far more pleasurable experience! If you’re new to open water swimming it can all seem rather daunting: the kit, the equipment, the murky water, the cold water, the fish, the plants, the distance and so on and so forth. But don’t let these factors become barriers to put you off...


In recent months most of our efforts have been focussed on encouraging new people into the sport of triathlon and helping beginners. Although we do also work with more experienced triathletes on a one-to-one basis writing their training session plans for them in a software called Training Peaks, we don’t often write about some of the more complex issues around triathlon training. There’s a lots that is simple about training for a triathlon….


I was talked into racing this sprint triathlon in Chester by my friend Jess. Little did I know she had decided not to race and instead planned a wild night out the night before for us. When will I learn that racing with a hangover is not a good idea!!! We arrived at race venue ‘The Meadows’ the next morning at 7:15am.  There was a great buzz around the place, the atmosphere was fab! There were 350 women racing, from all different backgrounds and all different abilities. I spent most of the morning in the portaloos (nice!) but tried to ‘talk myself into it’ and kick some ass.


After missing the British Triathlon Champs two weeks ago I was so happy to feel well enough to go and race in this event in Cologne, Germany.  Although May has pretty much been a write-off in terms of training, and I had started to feel pretty down as there’s only so long you can keep your spirits up for, I was actually really excited to enjoy some girlie time away with Mum and enjoy the city break.


The European Duathlon was in a small town called Horst in the Nertherlands – the same venue as last year. I wasn’t keen to race at first due to the disappointment of 2013 (4th place – always the worst position!)



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