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November 9, 20200

This week’s instalment of weekly motivation comes in the form of Adam Arnold. Hero by day, legend by night; he just exuberates epicness! To give you an understanding of the sort of legend he is; in the summer one of our fellow athletes was racing and her bike broke on the journey over to the race. As quick as a flash, Adam had got a spare bike ready and made a 3 hour round trip so that the bike was in transition ready for said athlete when she came out of the swim. Who does that? What a star!

We asked Adam to give us a little snippet into his own triathlon journey, and this is what he said….

“My lifestyle before training and attempting to lose weight was very lethargic. I worked hard but I used that as an excuse not to exercise and ‘eat my way’ through the stresses of life.
When starting various classes at the local leisure centre I met Ian Bell who recommended Tri Energy for swim coachingl and since then everybody I’ve came into contact with has been so encouraging and supportive. I can’t imagine not being a part of Tri Energy – for as long as they will have me!
I train now as part of my daily lifestyle and where possible to do it early on in the day to set my self up for the day! It genuinely makes me feel better and if I don’t train not only do I feel it physically but also mentally.
Why do I do triathlon training? Well, it’s mostly to do with losing my weight which is what I am most proud of!  Changing my lifestyle has taken a lot of focus and still does take hard work but I love it!! I am of course proud of completing two Ironman events but the lifestyle change is more important! Having said that I’m not finished with my Ironman Challenges – I have finished business with Ironman Wales and still have at least one more in me.”
Good luck Adam, we’ll be watching this space to see you take on Ironman Wales for (at least!!) one more time!

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