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July 21, 20200

One of our fabulous athletes Roxy, recently shared with us her open water kit bag that’s proved a useful ‘checklist’ for members as they prepare for their outdoor swimming. We’ve stolen Roxy’s awesome post (with permission) along with other good suggestions from club members (including our swim guru that is the legend of Granny Jac) to put together the ultimate kit bag and checklist for your open water swimming! This is by no means exhaustive, but it does give some good food for thought and provide a helpful checklist:



‘My Open Water Bag’ by Roxy 🙋‍♀️
✅ Wetsuit which I use for half to get in the distance, then skins for the rest to improve cold water tolerance
✅ Tow float for safety
✅ Bright hat for safety plus spare
✅ 3 pairs of goggles depending on light, sun glare, length of swim 🏊‍♀️
✅ Mat to get changed on (I don’t like bits on my feet 🤣)
✅ Flip flops to walk to riverside
✅ Body glide to prevent any chaffing
✅ Water bottle for hydration 💦
✅ Flask of hot tea for after
✅ Microfibre towel
✅ Talc to help get warm socks on
✅ Mouthwash after I accidentally swallow river water 🤢
✅ Face wipes and hand sanitiser to keep viruses at bay (this might be a myth but after being ill recently I’m paranoid)
✅ Zone3 changing robe – warning ⚠️ this does not have space to change in but it is really cosy, wouldn’t advise to others to invest as there are loads of cheaper alternatives
✅ DryRobe changing robe – again lots of cheaper alternatives on amazon but I panicked and went for the highest reviewed item 🙈



‘Extra food for thought’ by Granny Jac 🙋‍♀️
✅ A whistle on your tow float if in the river or sea….boats “should” pay attention to whistles)

✅ My parkrun band or other water proof contact detail band on wrist or outside of tow float so if ill or body found medical history and contact details are accessible

✅ A bucket to throw all the wet kit in post-swim session
✅ bobble hat….put on before ANYTHING else. I am known for being naked in a bobble hat!!!
✅ if swimming in multiple venues….multiple costumes to ensure bio security ( wetsuit colleagues take water to clean wetsuit between venues)
✅ water shoes/socks at least for entry (shocking debris at present, lots of glass)
✅ make sure clothes you are putting on are loose , layers and not to fiddly….zips and tight jeans don’t work with cold hands!!!
✅ pre/post swim ear drops …2 different sorts
✅ ear plugs, particularly in cool and cold water to prevent both swimmers ear and surfer’s ear (different things)
And finally, and perhaps most importantly:
✅mentally completed risk assessment of the place I am swimmimg in at the time that I am getting in


Enjoy your swimming folks, there’s some fantastic places to swim, but above all else, be prepared – and be safe x

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