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May 4, 20200

It’s the middle of April and triathletes around the globe are getting the itch to jump into a race, Tri Energy members included! With nearly every triathlon through to the end of June cancelled or rescheduled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it looks like it will be awhile before we can line up for a swim/bike/run affair. You’d think this would mean motivation was at an all time low and we’d be losing the will to train – well not in our TRISOLATION squad! We’ve already done a few virtual races but this weekend saw our first race across the whole weekend; through Friday to Sunday with a run – bike (or circuits challenge) – and another run.


Isn’t it funny how an online world can still create such a ‘buzz’ and atmosphere around an event! As I sat at home behind my computer screen, race photos, results, pictures of home-made race numbers etc came flooding in! The encouragement from team mates was epic, the determination to try something new was brilliant, and the sense of achievement on the Sunday evening, well there’s nothing quite like it!


The results from the weekend are outlined below. Fantastic efforts by all, we’ve well and truly got the virtual race bug!

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